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Rifle Scopes
Shop UTG® Rifle scopes, Ncstar® rifle scopes and handgun pistol scopes on sale at Combat Hunting. We have latest UTG scopes featuring a large selection of Leapers tactical sniper rifle scopes, We have Sightmark, Aim sports, Ncstar rifle scopes and shotgun scopes on sale. We offer some of the best tactical sniper rifle scopes by name brand manufacturers including Leapers UTG, NcStar, Vism, Sight Mark Rifle Scopes, UTG Leapers Accushot, Firefield scopes and more with manufacturer limited lifetime warranty.

A rifle scope is a telescopic sight mounted on top of a rifle that helps improve one's aim by magnifying and pinpointing a target you can increase your fun and skill and accuracy with a long range rifle scope or close combat scope specifically designed for your caliber and target requirements. We have variety of scope reticle types, magnification levels, and range finding reticle patterns available to accommodate hunting, target shooting and tactical combat needs. We have rifle scopes with high magnification for extremely long ranges and low magnification scopes with a wider field of view for tactical close combat shooting. We have scopes for low light shooting conditions and they are high quality rifle scopes featuring fully multi-coated optics for light transmission. Some of our scopes have big objective diameters at the front of the scope for the best light gathering capability in low light conditions. We also offer a large variety of scope mounting options for hunting rifles and tactical rifles. We have a full line of picatinny rail systems and two-ring scope mounts designed to give you accuracy and handle heavy-duty recoil resistance.
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