GB605 Tactical Two Point Sling For Rifles and Shotguns - Winchester Accessories

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SKU: GB605
UPC: 814108011987

Tactical Two Point Sling For Rifles and Shotguns
This universal rifle-shotgun sling is a tactical two-point sling that is incredibly versatile with a quick-adjustable length slider and non-slip grip sling webbing. This two-point sling provides easy, quick adjustment to either lengthen or shorten the sling with no slipping once set in place on your firearms. The 1.5-inch extremely strong sling webbing makes it easy to shoulder and allows you to carry your rifle or shotgun hand-free while slung over your back and shoulder.This sling also gives you shooting support from various positions. This universal tactical two-point rifle-shotgun sling fits traditional sling swivel loops found on a wide variety of hunting shotguns and tactical rifles and has an adjustable length of up to 52" to accommodate various body types wearing tactical or hunting gear. The color is black.

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