OSKWSK-MK Outdoorsman's Survival Knife With Survival Kit - Military Tactical Knives

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Outdoorsman's Survival Knife With Survival Kit

An Outdoorsman's Survival Knife Is The Most Important Piece Of Gear In Any Back Woods Outdoorsman's Could Have. This Survival Knife Contains More Than 20 Vital, Potentially Life-Saving Survival Accessories Packed Into A Military Style Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife & Sheath, Including Wire Cutter Feature. This Survival Knife Offers An AUS6 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blade That Is 5 1/4" Overall With An Easy Grip Handle. The Survival Knife Removable Butt Cap Includes Survival Accessories Kit , And The Impact Resistant Sheath Contains Larger Survival Tools. Survival Knife Is 10 1/2" Overall.

Survival Knife & Sheath Have Wire Cutter Scissor Feature. To Create A Wire Cutter, The Blade Gets Fitted Into The Knob On The Lower Front Portion Of The Sheath Point On Same Side Of Sheath As The Indent On Sheath Using Back Of Knife To Cut. Look Similar To A Pair Of Scissors When Asembeled Cuts Light To Medium Wire.

Survival Knife Specs:

Blade 5 1/4" Overall Approx.
Knife Is 10 1/2" Overall Approx.
Saw Back Blade
Wire Cutter Feature
1 Impact Resistant Knife Sheath
1 Plastic Container
1 Morse Code Key Chart
2 Band Aids
2 Safety Pins
1 Surgical Blade
1 Flint
1 Pencil
3 Fishing Hooks
1 Fishing Line
3 Metal Sinkers
2 Needles
1 Sharpening Stone
1 Small Wire Saw With Bar Handles
1 Emergency Whistle
1 Spear Tip With Line
1 Compass

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