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G5+ Glock Pocket Tool 5 in 1 Ncstar
Ncstar Vism G5+ Glock pocket tool for Glock® pistols is a five in one tool. This pocket tool has 5 necessary tool elements for assembling and disassembling your GLOCK® handgun. The Vism G5+ Glock pocket tool has a hardened steel 3/32" or 2.5mm punch tool for all Glock® pistols. Designed to push out the frame pins and disassemble the Glock® frame, slide, and the magazine into their individual components. A 3/16" hex nut driver for removing and installing factory and aftermarket Glock® front sights. The 3/16" hex nut driver features an internal magnet to conveniently hold the front sight screw as you install the front sight post. The innovative MagPopper tool will help you disassemble your Glock® magazines in seconds for servicing and cleaning. A pocket on the side of the tool acts as a third hand and holds the striker assembly for you, while you use your two freed hands to disassemble the striker assembly. Great for changing out striker spring rates and aftermarket strikers. The corners of the tool handle are used for centering the frame pins in the frame when reassembling the frame. The G5+ Pocket Tool also features a bottle opener. Made by Ncstar Vism.

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