FN-2007c FN P-12 Shotgun Stock - T3 TactLite Shotgun Stock - FN Fal Accessories

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FN P-12 Shotgun Stock - T3 TactLite Shotgun Stock
This aftermarket FN P-12 pump shotgun stock replacement in tactical black features a six-position adjustable stock kit for the FNH P-12 shotgun with an AR-style recoil-reducing pistol grip and buttpad. The tactical stock is intended for use with the FN P-12 pump shotgun accessories and has dual-sided QD sling attachment points and you can add a side-saddle shell holder carrier, sold separately. This replacement FN P-12 shotgun stock provides smooth, secure stock adjustments, and the recoil pad system absorbs the felt energy regardless of the load size with an ultra-thick, non-slip, removable 1-1/4" recoil pad. The AR-style recoil pistol grip is textured and non-slip. Stock has a removable, adjustable cheek rest with an elongated design to fit all users. The cheek rest provides 1/2" of vertical adjustment. Stock is made from DuPont's extreme reinforced polymer. The stock comes with a universal mount system to securely fasten your tactical stock with no specialized tools. Included are adapter mounts for all supported models in one package, with all mounting hardware included. ATI is manufactured in the USA with a lifetime limited warranty.

Fits: Most 12/20-Guage Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, 590M, 505, 510, 535, 835, and Maverick 88 models, Remington 870/887/7400, Winchester SXP models and Black Shadow, FNH USA P-12, Most Savage Stevens 320 prior to 2016, TriStar Raptor, Charles Daly 301 Pump-Action Field Shotgun 12 ga. Shotguns. Some minor modification may be required on the included adaptor for new SXP model. Note Not compatible with 590 Shockwave, 590M Shockwave, or FLEX models.

Note Stock Will Fit Most 20 Gauge Shotgun Models Listed But It Will Be (Protruding Slightly At The Rear Due to 20 gauge Receiver Dimensions Are Smaller).

Note: On Some (Newer Models) Savage Stevens 320 produced in 2016 or after they have the new thicker trigger guard, they made changes to there trigger guard and it is thicker in the back. Please Check Your Trigger Guard Before You Purchase! You will need to purchase New Stock Adapter if it is the new style Click Here for Stock Adapter Item # 320-2556.

We Recommend A Single Point QD Bungee Sling To Go With This Stock  A.5.10.2542 or PVC-GB507B.

We Recommend Tactical Stock Side-Saddle Shot Shell Carrier SSC0100

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